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Want to teach English Abroad?

We offer courses leading to accredited University of Cambridge ESOL Language Teaching Awards. Both qualifications CELTA and DELTA are approved by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA).

 Cambridge Celta course - 4 weeks £1,250 

CELTA - Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults:

CELTA is an initial qualification in teaching English as a foreign language to adults. It is the best known and most widely taken initial English Language Teaching (ELT) qualification of its kind in the world. With the CELTA qualification, a wide range of exciting ELT career options will open up for you, including the prospect of working in your favourite locations around the world.

We have a Full Time CELTA Course and a Part Time CELTA Course. The courses run regularly and have clearly defined start and end dates.

Full-time celta

2nd May - 26th May

5th June - 30th June

3rd July - 28th July                                                                         


31st July - 25th  August

4th September - 29th September

27th November - 22nd December                                   



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part-time celta

10th January - 30th March

4th April - 22nd June

27th June - 14th September

19th September - 7th December

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Note: Course fees include all tuition, Cambridge ESOL registration, use of Teacher Training Library, video, Listening Centre, photocopy facilities (for course-related material), e-mail and Internet access, CD players and computer access and membership of the our Students' Club.

Please note that our British Council accreditation covers our English courses only and not our Teacher Training courses.

The CELTA course is a practical introduction to TEFL.

It aims to provide you with the knowledge, experience and confidence to start work as a TEFL teacher.

Taking the CELTA course will help you to

  • understand the principles and practice of effective teaching
  • acquire a range of practical skills for teaching English to adults
  • learn about the different roles of learners and teachers
  • understand why adults learn English
  • identify resources for teaching, testing and reference purposes
  • identify professional development opportunities

The course comprises instruction, teaching practice and reflection and contains the following components:

  • input sessions on language awareness, student awareness, classroom management and lesson planning
  • small group teaching practice with students at different language levels
  • detailed feedback and discussion sessions with tutors
  • observation of qualified teachers and your peers

The main topics you will cover in the CELTA course are:

  • learners and teachers, and the teaching and learning context
  • language analysis and awareness
  • language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing
  • planning and resources for different contexts
  • developing teaching skills and professionalism

To receive a CELTA certificate you will need to complete the course and meet the assessment criteria for all written and practical assignments. You will be assessed on 6 hours of teaching practice and 4 written assignments. There are three passing grades: Pass A, Pass B and Pass.

Throughout the CELTA you will need to spend a substantial amount of time on lesson preparation and written assignments outside of timetabled hours.