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When you study in London it is important that you enjoy everything about your stay!

That's why we have specialist services for student accommodation in London and a very exciting social activities programme so you can meet new friends, see new places and maximise your enjoyment of your stay in London.

Please see below for information on some of our services:

  • Accommodation - LSC Stanton can arrange a comfortable place to stay in London. We offer Homestay accommodation and Student Residence accommodation
  • Social Activities - enjoy the best of London and the UK's tourist and entertainment attractions on the LSC Stanton social programme.
  • Visas - information about getting a visa to study in the UK.
  • LSC Stanton Coursehelp - helping you to choose the best course for your objectives.
  • Pre-arrival information - all you need to know before you start your course.
  • Downloads - see our downloads page for useful downloads and links including about London & UK Life

 Other Services

  • Airport transfers: for your safety and convenience, we can arrange transfers to and from all London airports.
  • Library: Books, videos and listening materials to buy or to borrow.
  • Free Internet: Use an LSC Stanton computer or bring your own laptop for free internet access.
  • Welfare: Our Welfare Officer is available for you to discuss any concerns you have about your time in London including:
    - Medical information
    - Police registration
    - Opening a bank account
    - Visa extensions
  • London transport information: We can provide you with information on how to get around London, and also on any discounts available to international students
  • University placement service: Help with choosing a university, applying and what to expect. LSC Stanton has a network of university contacts.
  • Student discounts: We can help you get discounts on many things including London transport and most tourist attractions.

When you arrive at LSC Stanton, you will receive a LSC Stanton Welcome Pack and you will attend a LSC Stanton Welcome Meeting, which is normally led by Margaret McLeod, our Principal. This is an excellent opportunity for you to find out more about LSC Stanton, about London, and for you to ask any questions. During the Welcome Meeting, you will receive a copy of our Student Handbook. This is an important document and provides lots of information about how to make the most of your time at LSC Stanton and London.