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An all-inclusive package of General English, Private Tuition and social activities for focused students who want to make rapid progress

Our Prestige English course is an intensive course of 20 lessons per week, plus 1 hour of private tuition (1-1) per week, plus three social events per week.

Prestige English is a great way to achieve rapid progress in a short time. The course is dynamic and fun, but is also challenging, and you should be prepared to work hard in order to make good progress. We have designed the social events programme to be relevant to your English lessons and to give you a greater appreciation of British culture and lifestyle.

  • Make rapid improvement in a focused environment
  • Practise all the language skills: reading, writing, speaking, listening
  • Includes one hour per week of 1-1 tuition
  • Weekly social activities to introduce students to London and British culture and lifestyle

Typical weekly social eventsBusiness English

Tuesday - Visit to British Museum / Natural History Museum / Science Museum

Wednesday -  Quiz night / Film night

Thursday -  Walking tour of central London / LSC Stanton Icebreaker party

Course options
Our Prestige English course is 20 lessons per week, plus one lesson per week of 1-1 tuition, and a weekly social activity that typically lasts for 2-3 hours. Each lesson = 50 minutes.
Prestige English
20 lessons per week (16 h 40m contact time)
structure (per week)
Premium General English

1 hour one-to-one (typically on Monday or Friday)

3 social events per week

How the course works

English Courses for ExecutivesOur Prestige English courses typically use a combination of a course book which is selected by the Academic Manager with materials that are prepared by our teacher. You will need a course book which you can rent or buy at LSC Stanton.

The course is structured as follows:

15 lessons of Standard General English plus 5 lessons of one of the LSC Stanton Elective Modules (Conversation & Pronunciation, Writing & Grammar, Business English)

Key facts


Most Mondays


Class sizes


(October 2012)

12 (morning session)


18 (morning session)

CEFR LSC Stanton




Upper Intermediate







A1 Beginner

You can study Prestige English throughout the year and you can begin your course on most Mondays.

You can study Prestige English in the morning, from 0900-1350.

Sample weekly timetable 
General English
General English
General English
General English
General English
Elective Module
Elective Module


Elective Module

Elective Module
Elective Module
Afternoon / Evening
1-1 tuition


Social event


Social event

Social event
Free time


Prestige English is designed for students who want to improve their English quickly either for general use or more specifically for their work or study.

Our aim is to help you to use the English language more effectively when you leave us. The Prestige English course is designed to allow you to:

  • communicate much more confidently
  • speak more accurately and fluently
  • improve your grammar
  • increase your vocabulary
  • be able to socialise in English more effectively
  • be able to succeed in a career where English is necessary


Q. You say that I can begin my class on most Mondays. How does this work if my course starts in the middle of the LSC Stanton term?

A. Many students start their course in the middle of term, and the Prestige English course is designed for students to join the class at any time. Our coursebooks are structured to help students do this, and there is lots of revision. In addition, your teacher will be prepared for this and he / she will be able to tell you the areas of English that you need to give special attention to.

Q. Will the classes be different from my English classes in my own country?

A. That depends on what sort of English lessons you have had in your country!

Our lessons are 100% in English, and they will help you to communicate in English.

Our teachers are trained to bring the best out of you, and to give you lots of opportunities to practise speaking with the whole class and in groups and pairs. While you are doing this, your teacher will go round the class to correct and help each student. You may also do some language games to help you to practise.

Q. Do I really need to study grammar again? I know lots of it already!

A. Yes, you do! We think that it is really important to be able to use the grammar when you are talking or writing, rather than simply do grammar exercises, which are easier. We will give you lots of opportunities to practise spoken grammar to help you to become more fluent and accurate.

Q. How do I study effectively?

A. We take great pride in the quality of our tuition. Our Principal began her career as a LSC Stanton teacher, and several of our more experienced teachers have worked for us for many years.

We believe that a positive classroom atmosphere with plenty of opportunity for communicative practice provides the best environment for learning.  We believe that by giving you lots of variety in class and by giving you plenty of opportunities to practice your English with your classmates, we will help you to maximize your progress.

The LSC Stanton academic methodology is set out below:

- 100% interactive communicative lessons

- All teachers are qualified to teach English and are carefully selected by the Principal and the Academic Manager

- We have eight levels of English so you can make faster progress at precisely the right level for you

- We use up-to-date methods and materials

Much will depend on your attitude towards your studies. If you want to make good progress, LSC Stanton has the teachers and other resources to enable you to do this.

Q. How do I check my progress?

A. You will have revision activities every week and regular progress tests in class. In addition, we have 4 terms per year, and we expect our students to make progress to the next level at the end of every term. At the end of every LSC Stanton term, which typically lasts for 11-12 weeks, we will give you an end of term test. This is designed by LSC Stanton to test all aspects of your English language ability (reading, writing, speaking and listening). Once your teacher has marked your progress test, he / she will give you detailed feedback on how your have progressed, and tell you whether you are ready to progress to the next level.

You will be able to record your progress in the LSC Stanton Learner Diary, and your teacher will help give you advice on which areas you need to focus on, and will write this in your LSC Stanton Learner Diary. You can also speak to your teacher at any time for advice on how to make the best progress.

Q. What do I do if I find my class too difficult or easy?

A. If this happens, please speak to your teacher and explain to him / her what the problem is. They will help you to change level if necessary. If the teacher feels that you should change level, they will speak with the Academic Manager and the teacher of the other level and they will decide f you are ready to do so, and also confirm whether the next level has availability

Q. Will I be able to practise my English outside class?

A. Absolutely! It is really important that you try to do this as much as possible. Try to speak to as many people as possible – classmates, homestay family, people in shops etc. This is good practice, even if they are not English. Please remember that London is a truly international city, so many of the people that you come into contact will have different accents, which makes it fun and challenging to communicate with them! LSC Stanton has an exciting social programme, which is a good way to meet other students, practise English and to enjoy London.