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CELTA is an introductory teaching course for people who want to teach English language but who have little or no previous teaching experience or training.

Our CELTA courses provide you with the opportunity to teach English as a second language all over the world.

The Cambridge ESOL CELTA is internationally recognised and has been accredited at level 5 on the National Qualifications Framework in the UK.

CELTA will give you the skills and confidence to teach English to adults whether you’re a recent graduate or looking for a career change. The course covers the theory, materials, and practical techniques of teaching at levels ranging from beginners to late intermediate, and aims to provide a basis from which teachers can expand as they subsequently gain experience.

12 week part-time CELTA course - £1,250

2017 Start dates: 10th January - 30th March 4th April - 22nd June 27th June - 14th September 19th September - 7th December

The part-time couse takes place on two evenings a week (normally Tuesdays and Thursdays) from 18:15 to 21:30, plus 12 Saturdays from 9 to 13:00. In addition, trainees will need to observe more experienced teachers on a Monday or Wednesday evening at least four times during the course.

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The CELTA course is a practical introduction to TEFL.

It aims to provide you with the knowledge, experience and confidence to start work as a TEFL teacher.

Taking the CELTA course will help you to

  • understand the principles and practice of effective teaching
  • acquire a range of practical skills for teaching English to adults
  • learn about the different roles of learners and teachers
  • understand why adults learn English
  • identify resources for teaching, testing and reference purposes
  • identify professional development opportunities

The course comprises instruction, teaching practice and reflection and contains the following components:

  • input sessions on language awareness, student awareness, classroom management and lesson planning
  • small group teaching practice with students at different language levels
  • detailed feedback and discussion sessions with tutors
  • observation of qualified teachers and your peers

The main topics you will cover in the CELTA course are:

  • learners and teachers, and the teaching and learning context
  • language analysis and awareness
  • language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing
  • planning and resources for different contexts
  • developing teaching skills and professionalism

To receive a CELTA certificate you will need to complete the course and meet the assessment criteria for all written and practical assignments. You will be assessed on 6 hours of teaching practice and 4 written assignments. There are three passing grades: Pass A, Pass B and Pass.

Throughout the CELTA you will need to spend a substantial amount of time on lesson preparation and written assignments outside of timetabled hours.

Anyone looking to start teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) should consider this course.

The full-time CELTA course is designed to accommodate people with little or no previous teaching experience, or for people with teaching experience and no accredited qualification. Over this course students learn the principles of effective teaching, including classroom management and communication.

To be accepted for the course, applicants must demonstrate that they have an awareness of language and a competence in English, both written and spoken, that will enable them to follow the course and complete the assignments. Current TEFL teachers who do not have a formal qualification may also benefit from the CELTA.

The CELTA is a demanding and intensive course. You should be prepared to complete regular assignments and assessments and possess the determination to become an effective teacher.

The course is also suitable for teachers with some experience of ELT but having had no formal training. Applicants who have teaching experience but no degree or formal teaching qualification may also be eligible, at the discretion of the Training Course Director.

Acceptance on the course is not automatic, and all applicants will have to complete a pre-acceptance Language Awareness Test and interview either at the Centre's premises in London or by a combination of fax and telephone in the case of applicants resident overseas.

Tell me more about the location and facilities

The course takes place at LSC Stanton's school in Bayswater, central London. We offer a variety of social and cultural activities. These are open to teacher trainees, giving them the opportunity of meeting qualified, experienced ELT teachers and students from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Course participants are also encouraged to make use of the Teacher Training Library, videos, Listening Centre, and all other resources of the school. Teacher trainees have their own 'mini-staffroom' with their own photocopier, computers, cassette-recorders and library of books, cassettes, CDs and other teaching aids. Internet access and use is free.