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This page provides prospective students with important information about LSC Stanton and the policies we have in place to ensure that the school operates safely and efficiently.

  • Admissions Policy – to read about how we choose our students, please click here
  • Attendance Policy - to read about how we monitor student attendance and the consequences of non-attendance, please click here
  • Behaviour & Discipline Policy – to read about how we expect students to behave, and how we discipline students, please click here
  • Child Supervision Policy  - to read about how we supervise children, please click here
  • Equality & Diversity Policy  – to read about how LSC Stanton is committed to ensuring equality of opportunity, please click here
  • First Aid Policy – to read our Policy on First Aid, please click here
  • Health & Safety Policy – to read our Health & Safety Policy, please click here
  • Prevent Policy - to read about how we do not tolerate radicalisation or extremism, please click here
  • Quality Assurance - to read our Quality Assurance Policy, please click here
  • Safeguarding Policy – to read our Safeguarding Policy, please click here
  • Staff Recruitment Policy - to read our Staff Recruitment Policy, please click here
  • Students with disabilities - to read about how LSC Stanton cares for students with special education needs, learning difficulties and disabilities, please click here
  • Complaints Policy - For information on how we deal with student complaints, please click here

All of these policies are reviewed every 12 months by LSC Stanton management.

Copies of these policies are kept in the Reception area of LSC Stanton and are available to students upon request.

If you have any questions about any of our policies, please contact us.