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Work Placements 

course executive classOur work placement scheme is offered in partnership with Professionals UK.

•Intensive language skills preparation

•Work experience consultant

•Interview counselling

•Extensive database of UK companies in most commercial sectors

•Excellent partnership with regional, national and multinational enterprises

•Certification, course reports and work assessment notes from businesses


IMG 0686Our work placement scheme is for students and young professionals typically aged between 18 and 32 depending on their visa status* who want to improve their English in a working environment and gain real life hands on knowledge of UK business sectors. It is suitable for students who already have intermediate (B1) level of English and have studied/worked or are planning on studying/working in the requested area of business. The internship is unpaid, but the experience invaluable.

*At present, our work placement programme is only available to citizens from the European Economic Area (and Switzerland).

Entry Requirements 

Must be EEA or Swiss national or a holder of Youth Mobility Scheme Visa (Tier 5)

Minimum age 18, maximum age 30

Completion of a General English course at LSC Stanton(minimum 4 weeks)

Completion of a candidate information sheet

Full and complete CV in English

Covering letter

Interview by telephone or in person once in the UK

Phase 1: English language course at LSC Stanton

shutterstock 44918014•Minimum 4 weeks English course at LSC Stanton

•25 lessons per week intensive English to help students reach IELTS level 5.0 or First Certificate level or TOEFL 500

•Preparation for internship: interview techniques, business language and practice

All candidates are required to first complete a course of language study at LSC Stanton of at least 4 weeks so that we can ensure their language ability is sufficient for them to get the most benefit from their placement. Students must have an English language ability equivalent to at least a Level 5 IELTS before beginning their placement.

Phase 2: Work placement

Most areas of business are covered, from Marketing to Architecture. We will need to evaluate the English level and experience of the applicant, and then advise on what would be suitable for their experience and qualifications.

Popular Sectors

• Marketing

• Business administration

• Advertising

• Fashion

• Engineering

• Architecture

• Charities

• Law

• PR

• Hotels

• Museums

Application procedure

Private tuition1Applicants must complete the LSC Stanton Application Form and send to us along with the Curriculum Vitae for the student. The student will then have an interview with a LSC Stanton Placement Coordinator. The Placement coordinator will then evaluate and contact the agent to advise on how we can place them. Students who speak no English will not be accepted and they must have English language ability equivalent to at least a Level 5 IELTS before beginning their placement. If the language level is only the minimum required they should not expect to do anything but the most basic tasks.

Placing Details 

We submit student details to our agreed companies in the sector or area the candidate wants. Most candidates will be required to go for an interview before they begin their placement. This is a good opportunity for the candidate to assess what the placement is like, and to see whether or not it is what he/she is looking for.

Our work placement partner contacts the company after the interview and then advises LSC Stanton of the result. If the student was unsuccessful, then we will advise the candidate on the reasons why and give them some tips on how to have a better interview the second time, however we will only find a maximum of 3 interviews for them in exceptional circumstances , if the chosen sector allows for it.

Successful Interviews

Private tuition2If the student is successful, we confirm this and give full details of exactly what the student will do and what is expected of them. If the student was unhappy with the company, we will find them an alternative placement. A second interview is only arranged if the first is not suitable. In this case the student loses the right to take the first placement if they choose to reject it. The student must accept a placement if it complies with the area requested on the application form. Generally the student will have to work full time hours and behave as any other employee in the company would. The placements are unpaid but some companies do pay reasonable expenses. This is however a bonus and should not be expected. The student should not discuss payment with the company.

Placement Location

The placement is located in the city requested unless mutually agreed otherwise. In London, candidates should expect to travel to work via public transport for distances up to 1 hour from their accommodation.


£450 for any period 4-16 weeks

£500 for any period 17-24 weeks

Specialist work placements also available in the fields of architecture, law, science, engineering, IT programming, investment finance for a minimum period of 12 weeks for £550


Based on the fact that when the placement starts the majority of the services have already been carried out, the following cancellation fees apply:

Prior to interviews

•£50: for any accepted booking up to 2 weeks prior to placement commence date.

•£100: cancellation thereafter.

With interviews arranged/attended

•£150: When an interview has been arranged but not yet attended or if a 1st suitable interview was unsuccessful and a further interview is not available within the chosen field (In the case of more specialised fields).

•£275/£325: Cancellation after a successful interview will require full payment or after 2 suitable interviews have been attended, whatever the outcome